The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and Evan Rawal discussing the Avs shutout win over the Ottawa Senators, the never-ending special teams battle, and a dive into the standings as the Avs have closed the gap to St. Louis.

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  • Most surprising thing about this episode: remembering that Colin Wilson is a member of the Colorado Avalanche 2019 – 2020 season

  • Fans outside of Denver.

    It’s a bummer hearing people who cover the team AD / DNVR (Podcasts) describe that driving to Colorado Springs for the game sucks.

    1 game…

    As a season ticket holder (since day 1), how would you like to do the drive 41+ times a year?
    Getting off of work at 5pm, trying to make it to downtown Denver by 7pm these days is a nightmare.

    There ARE Avs fans not living in Denver. They use to do camp here, gotta drive to Denver now. It’s great having a game 20 minutes away once in um…20+ years. Sorry you have to drive here once to a game, Avs are a regional team. Maybe the low attendance has something to do with say…no tv for a lot of folks or the mentality that Avs are a Denver only team.

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