The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops to recap NHL free agency only to be interrupted by the Avs making a trade for Devon Toews which triggers hype mode across Avalanche land.

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  • Listened to this on my commute home today. Knew the reaction was coming and had fun waiting for it. Thanks for your emotion. Thanks for your expertise. Thanks for making my drive home a little better. You guys make hockey more fun!

  • Theoretical expansion draft question: what happens to UFAs? Seattle can select them, but they obviously don’t have to sign, yes? So, the Avs and Landeskog could agree to a handshake contract, but not sign it until after the XD. Even if the Kraken take him, he doesn’t sign cuz he’s got the Avs contract coming to him. Same can be done for Saad, effectively opening up 2 more protection spots. Or giving us flexibility if EJ won’t waive and we have to go 4-4.

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