The DNVR Avalanche Podcast closes out the week with Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele, Evan Rawal, and Drew Creasman discussing the first half of the season for the Avs live from the DNVR studio.

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  • Thanks guys. Fun with Creasman joining the pod. Re the PP, isn’t one of the reasons the Avs are poor on PP but great on 5v5 just that they are built with speed to score on the rush? So in the PP when they park it in the o-zone and sling it around, they aren’t on the rush – and even if they are, the other teams PK is sagging. So the speed aspect is mitigated. Obviously that’s no excuse for the PP, but think that partly explains the discrepancy.

    • Definitely plays a role in it, yes, but the top players have been playing PP their entire lives. No excuse not to be very good at it tbh

  • Love the ramble!

    AJ I would love to hear your thoughts on Rouge One. IMO it’s the best Star Wars movie out there

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