The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele, and Jesse Montano discussing how many ex Avs end up back in the central division as well as irrationally hated players.

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  • Great podcast, great to hear Jesse’s thoughts again.

    I can’t help commenting on Taylor Hall. People can have opinions on whether that’s the proper place to allocate cap money. But I will never, ever, ever, EVER understand how some people can believe the Avs dodged some sort of bad bullet by not getting him. As all of you said in one form or another, it’s difficult to imagine a better fit for him or the Avs. He would be incredibly fun to watch on this team. I have to believe that a lot of people have never actually watched him play. And the crazy thing is, most of those same people probably love Matt Calvert and don’t comprehend that Hall is like a hyper-talented version of Matt Calvert.

    • Taylor Hall is like the Ferraris of Matt Calverts. Haha. I’m with you. I can completely understand where people don’t want Hall because of salary cap reasons or long-term concerns about health (which I think are overblown but given his history, it’s a fair concern), but the player himself is just a perfect fit in Colorado and extremely good. Extremely good. And he’s never played with anyone like Nathan MacKinnon before. You just can’t help but wonder if those two together, not to mention with either Burakovsky or Rantanen on the other side (lmao what a collection of talent), if they don’t just run roughshod on everyone in the league. They’d be the hard and fast frontrunner out West.

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