The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the NHL’s plan to hold the draft in early June and all of the problems and oddities that will present.

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  • Agree with pretty much everything you guys said, this is just stupid. I know hockey fans who go to 10 plus Avs games a season who don’t watch the Draft. There going to screw up all the things hardcore fans like about the draft plus create a bunch of operational problems for no real benefit.

    There’s one thing that’s become clear out of discussion of this that needs to be mentioned. A lot of Avs fans have no real sense of the difference between Cale Makar and Bo Byram. The Avs got very, very lucky in 2017. If that draft had occurred a week later there’s a possibility he would have gone #1. McKenzie mentioned the week before that a team had him #1 on their board.

    It’s very likely when all is said and done on Makar’s career that the Avs may have been ‘forced’ to pick the best player in the 2017 draft and quite possibly the greatest defenseman of his generation. No offense to Byram but that’s very likely not the case with him. Kirby Dach looked awfully good when I saw him play this season.

    So yeah, we got screwed in 2017 and it worked out OK. 2019 – we’ll see, I’ve never been very high on Hughes as an NHL player. But the two situations should not be lumped together.

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