The DNVR Avalanche Podcast records live from studio A at DNVR headquarters with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the battle for roster spots on the defensive side for the Avs as well as what Byram needs to do to stick in the NHL.

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  • Personally, I’m good with them sending Timmins down to the Eagles for the first week or two. Let him get over the butterflies of playing those first meaningful games in 18 months out of the way outside of the spotlight while giving Byram his tryout games. If in a couple of weeks Byram is proving himself worthy of the NHL spot and Timmins is just dominating the AHL then you can look at trading or waiving one or two of those depth pieces and going with a Makar/Girard, Z/Timmins, and Byram/EJ group until you have to figure out where Cole fits in when he gets healthy. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be too upset if they started shopping Z around on the trade market to see what kind of return you can get for him.

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