The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing Martin Kaut being reassigned to the Eagles and the contract and salary cap outlook in the future as well as the Avs overtime loss to the Ducks.

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  • just a mental exercise here, pure speculation.
    for 2023-24, the first year of MacK’s new deal
    MacK – $15
    Mikko – $9.25
    Landy – $7
    Burakovsky – $6
    Makar – $10
    Graves – $4
    Girard – $5
    Total – $56.25, and that takes care of your current core players at that time.

    You lose Kadri, but have Newhook coming in there on his ELC. Assuming Byram is on the roster next season, that would be the first year of his second contract. Let’s say he plays lights out and earns $8 mil, that brings our total to $64 mil. Even if the cap doesn’t go up past the $84 low end projection, that leaves them a manageable situation to keep the window open. You also have to keep in mind that not only do they have the money coming in from Seattle to help raise the cap in the coming years, they’re also looking forward to a new national TV deal in the next couple of years which will be worth north of a billion over several years.

    Bottom line, if they’re smart and stick to a plan then they’re not looking at as bad of a cap crunch as things might look like they are right now. Sure, it will be tight and difficult choices will have to be made, but this window could easily stay open into MacK’s mid 30’s as the Pens are doing right now with his buddy.

    PS, I was a history major in college strictly because my math sucks, so if there are faults in my thinking feel free to point them out. I can take it.

    • Well projecting the cap to not go up from $84M in the next five seasons seems pessimistic, even for hockey’s standards, especially with Seattle’s expansion coming in. By the time MacKinnon’s new contract actually begins, the cap could’ve risen enough to have it essentially pay for itself versus today’s cap. The cap crunch is inevitable if only because the ceiling for this team is so high. The big key will be developing their own bottom-six talent instead of dipping into UFA to pay for it every year. If they can get into that habit, they’ll be able to replenish on the fly a la the Pens.

  • Even if the player did not ultimately move at the trade deadline, what additional trade to Namestnikov & Hutch would you have made at the 2020 Trade Deadline if you were Joe Sakic? Exclude Chris Kreider for this question because of what he did that morning.

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