The Avs make their postseason official with a win off their Covid pause, continuing the great streak of play they have been on. Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele and Blais Hunter also get into their feels a bit on the awesomeness of the community.

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  • Good pod guys, Thanks for what you do! Your coverage has helped me get through some hard times over the last few years too. Injuries and being more home bound than I would like. I am an older Avs fan and have enjoyed the glory years and suffered the years in hockey purgatory like so many other fans. This is really fun to be able to enjoy this team with so much talent and so many stars and up coming stars. Like everyone, I am hoping for multiple Cups in the coming years. Hoping Sakic maneuvers the coming cap crunch and that the stars align and the hockey gods smile upon the Avs!!!!!!!! It is exciting to be on the verge of something great.

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