AJ, Rudo, Jesse, and Blais go through the brutal loss against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nathan MacKinnon seems to be completely out of it. The Avs need to get back on track if they want to fulfill expectations of being Stanley Cup Champions.

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Nathan, also known as Rudo, hosts the DNVR Avalanche Podcast and the Avalanche Review on YouTube. From Rockies and baseball beginnings, he has followed the Avs since they moved to Colorado in 1995. He started independently covering hockey on sites like Reddit and Youtube in 2015 then joined the DNVR Avalanche Podcast in 2019 and hasn't looked back. Follow Rudo on Twitter - @Nathan__Rudolph

  • I don’t understand how one can claim that a team is “emotionally broken” and not lay this at the feet of the coach. When Rantanen calls out the team’s effort, essentially asking to be bag skated, he’s really calling out the coach. I truly think that Bednar’s silence after the Landy suspension was deafening. When Kadri has to answer the bell a second time for a hit which he was suspended 8 playoffs games for and then gets a misconduct after getting a stick swung at his head and then his own coach blames him… well AJ already covered that. I listen to this pod and almost every issue brought up is a symptom of a team tuning out a coach. Lack of effort, low confidence, repeated dumb play, a superstar playing “awful” and/or letting the words of a former teammate affect him, etc… This, is why you have a coach. If I’m Sakic I give Bednar one more game after this break to right this ship and if that same poor effort is present, he’s gone. Perhaps Bednar’s stoicism was good for a team in turmoil after the Roy fiasco but his lack of fire, lack of “us against the rest” mentality is starting to fester.

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