The DNVR Avalanche podcast drops with Rudo and AJ talking to ESPN draft analyst Chris Peters on the upcoming draft class and how to discern players in one of the strangest drafts in history.

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  • I would be open to Bobby Ryan on a 1 year cheap deal if he were willing to accept that he’ll most likely a top 6 injury replacement or a bottom 6/13th forward on the roster. Everything I’ve heard about him is that he’s a character guy and after all he’s been through it would be nice to see him get a chance at and help us take a run at the Cup. I just don’t want to have the team feeling like they have to give him a certain role more than what he earns during the year.

  • Hear me out. We are the perfect landing spot for Lundqvist for 1 year. Avs pick him up and keep Gru and Frankie. 1) King Henry, 38, likely won’t find a starting gig. So if he’s going to play, it’ll be as a backup at best. 2) playing as a #3 in COL means he will get around 5 games this coming season. Just enough to keep him engaged but his workload super light. 3) Henry will be joining a strong contender with a chance to win his first Cup 4) if history repeats itself again, we have a rested experienced boarder line HOFer that has the chance to be a playoff hero.

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