The Colorado Avalanche has a lot of good players. This presents an interesting challenge heading into the expansion draft. AJ Haefele and Rudo come to you LIVE to break down everything you need to know and talk about both the NHL expansion draft and the upcoming NHL Draft.

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  • AJ, Rudo, good pod on the E – Draft. Interesting to learn about the injured rule and glad it does not apply to EJ. Hope he waives and makes this easy. I do agree about protecting Jost and Nuke. I think they will take Graves as long as EJ Waives and we can protect 7,8,49. Agree about signing 92 before he is a free agent. It would be interesting to learn what percent of a players income they actually bank. What % is for their agent, escrow etc? Make the math easy and say a player makes 1 mil/yr and deduct all the expenses they have to pay. Thanks.

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