The DNVR Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing the Avs quest For The NHL Asterisk and why this playoff format is going to be so unique as well as comparing the Avs depth to other teams in the west.

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  • I don’t think ice conditions will be that big of a problem. It might get a little choppy by the third game, but still respectable. Without fans in the building they can keep the building nice and cold and even start the day with a little bit thicker ice surface than they normally would so that should even things out over the day. Get a couple of good floods between games and that should hold up over the day and then do a serious flood (break out the fire hose) overnight and clean up in the morning.

    As for practice sheets of ice, The Athletic did a big piece on that today and they have the Oilers practice facility attached to the arena available as well as a four sheet facility a 25 minute drive away that will be dedicated to NHL use for the duration. Teams should be able to get good times for morning skates there without too much of a problem.

    In a series against the Blues, I think the Avs need to start the series with a dump and chase mentality if the rush isn’t there and just keep skating. If they grab on to you, keep moving your feet. Don’t stop moving and you’ll force a lot of calls which will eventually have the effect of backing them off as they get tired of killing penalties. I agree with you guys tho in that there isn’t a team in the West that really scares me. They all offer their own challenges that need to be respected and our boys have to play their best, but if they do they can win any series thrown at them.

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