The DNVR Avalanche Podcast returns with Nathan Rudolph and AJ Haefele discussing DNVR’s immediate plans to watch some of the best Avs hockey there has ever been as well as the best players they have ever seen in person.

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  • I’m excited to do some watch-a-longs. I hope I’m available to do so, but life happens. Excited for the discord as well. I watched the 2001 SCF last summer but would love to hear what yall’s say about it.

  • Thank you guys for providing happiness during a sad time. Although I’m sure we would all love watching the Avs play right now, you both make this pause easier and easier with everything you publish. Seriously…. thank you

  • Since there should be time. Yall should watch the game against florida when the avs won 7-5 and pavel bure and Peter forsberg put on a show for the ages.

  • Boys, here’s a question you might get some fun out of on a future pod. The scenario:

    The commissioner is facing a revolt from reactionary owners looking to move the game back to its pre-lockout shape. To keep league peace, he must do at least one of four things:

    1) reinstate the two-line pass rule,

    2) re-expand the neutral zone (and thus shrink the offensive zones),

    3) eliminate the trapezoid and allow goaltenders to play the puck in the corners, or

    4) allow teams that commit icing to change players.

    He comes to you, his deputy, for a recommendation. What do you say?

    I assume you’re opposed to all of this. Relatedly, is there anything from the old days you miss? Or was the lockout revolution pure good?

  • Would love for you to go over the 96 cup finals! That was an amazing team and so historical for Colorado sports

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