The DNVR Avalanche Podcast returns with Nathan Rudolph and Andi Duroux taking an analytical look at the Avs season with a significant sample size. Specifically their PDO bubble and how special MacKinnon and Makar truly are.

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  • Part of the genius of the Nichushkin pick up is that they traded for PDO. The guy shot 0% for a year and is a 6% career shooter. He was due to correct up. As such I would expect him to continue to shoot around 6 to 7%.

  • Question for the Q&Ashow:
    Given their tendancy toward quirky temperament, unpredictability in year to year performance, and level of importance to the team: are goalies the relief pitchers of the NHL?

  • Andi I’m right there with you, I’m super annoyed at the Mack/McDavid/Hall MVP situation as regards the voting. Great show guys.

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