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Disgusting losses piling up for Colorado Rockies

David Martin Avatar
July 5, 2015


If watching Joey Chestnut polish off 69 hot dogs on the 4th of July didn’t make you want to throw up, the end of the Colorado Rockies game probably did the trick.

Once again, in a close game going down to the wire, the Rockies turned a potential win into a blowout loss in the late innings. It was another disgusting performance, one in which the Rockies have started to become accustom to.

With two on base and down by a run in the top of the 8th inning with two outs andDaniel Hudson, a right-handed pitcher who has struggled against the Rockies on the mound, the Rockies needed a big hit. It was a perfect time to pinch hit Carlos Gonzalez, who was available off of the bench. For unknown reasons, Walt Weiss decided to go with Drew Stubbs, despite the clear fact that Stubbs simply isn’t very good at baseball.

Predictably, Stubbs didn’t get the job done and the Rockies headed to the bottom of the 8th inning looking to keep the game close. Instead, the Rockies simply imploded. The Diamondbacks lead off with a single, then laid down three straight bunts, the final one coming in the form of a squeeze. When Wilin Rosario fielded the ball, he initially looked to throw the runner out at the plate. When it became clear that there was no chance for an out at the plate, Rosario spun and threw to first base. The problem is that no one was covering first base, so the ball skipped down the right field line, essentially sticking the fork into the Rockies.

The fact that the Diamondbacks bunted three straight times suggests that they saw something in the Rockies that they could exploit. Tommy Kahnle, the Rockies reliever on the mound at the time clearly falls off the mound to the right side. With Rosario at first base, there may be something that scouts have seen that would suggest that the Rockies can’t figure out how to defend the bunt.

The reality that showed on Saturday night in the Rockies 7-3 loss was something that is tough to acknowledge for Rockies fans. Once again, despite the changes in the front office, the Rockies aren’t just getting beat. They aren’t just losing baseball games because they don’t have the talent to win against other big league teams. If that was the case, most fans would be able to accept it.

The problem is, the Rockies aren’t getting beat, they are getting outclassed in every single aspect of the game. Their pitching is sub-par. They can’t adjust when they get into trouble. Their bullpen is a disaster, and the mismanagement from Walt Weiss on a nightly basis leaves most in complete bewilderment. The Rockies beat themselves as often as the other team beats them. That should be the most embarrassing fact for the Rockies.

The Rockies aren’t going to get better until they lose the losing mindset. They must decide that they aren’t going to accept losing anymore. They aren’t going to roll over and accept being a last place team. The Rockies could be a middle-of-the-road team, but instead, they have accepted their lot in life as cellar-dwellers.

Until that happens, expect pathetic games like both Friday and Saturday night.

The reality is, watching the hot dog eating contest might not only be more exciting than watching the Rockies, but it also might be easier on the stomach.


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