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Ty Lawson has crossed the line

Ryan Koenigsberg Avatar
July 13, 2015



Go ahead, Ty Lawson, smoke hookah, trade yourself to Sacramento, post idiotic pictures on Instagram, make all the bad career moves you want, it’s your life.

But don’t even think about coming after the legends of the city that you have been lucky enough to play in for the last six seasons, don’t even think about talking down to the King of basketball in Colorado, the Thrill from Park Hill, Mr. Big Shot, Smooth.

Stay in your lane.

In case you’re still wondering what I’m taking about, here’s some context.

Long story short, Chauncey appropriately calls out Lawson’s less than lackluster “leadership,” says the Nuggets need to move on, all put just about as professionally as possible.

In response, to nobody’s surprise at all, Lawson was reactionary and immature.

Stay relevant? Which one of these people needs to try to stay relevant?

The guy with a championship ring, a NBA Finals MVP, five all-star game appearances and more than 15,000 career points, or the guy whose greatest achievement in the NBA is… *Googles* *Searches* *Page one* *Page two*…. Making 10 three pointers in a game?

Chauncey Billups winning the 2007 “Shooting Stars” competition at the All-Star game alongside WNBA star Swin Cash, and Bill Laimbeer, is literally more than anything Ty Lawson has won in the NBA.

Hell, Swin Cash has won four of those. Four is an interesting number because it’s actually one more than the number of playoff games that Ty Lawson has ever won in a season. In fact, Billups was a part of more playoff wins in his return to Denver in 2008 (10) than Lawson has been a part of in his entire career (8).

Maybe the guy trying to stay relevant is the one who constantly puts attention grabbing posts on social media, the guy who the Nuggets can’t even trade for a poster of an actually relevant player right now?

Chauncey Billups will be relevant in Colorado for the rest of time, he is the greatest high-school player in the history of the state, the most successful player to ever come out of college in this state, and the leader of the team in the best NBA season in the history of the state. He will be relevant in the NBA for the rest of time, when his name is inevitably enshrined in the Hall of fame.

Ty Lawson isn’t even the most relevant point guard on his team anymore. That’s good news, because it likely means he is on his way out, like the legend himself alluded to, this needs to be Emmanuel Mudiay‘s team. The lottery pick is showing NBA ready skills and yes, leadership already , and the signing of veteran PG Jameer Nelson is just what he needs behind him.

What he doesn’t need is a bitter, locker room cancer, with multiple run-ins with the law involving drinking and driving, who doesn’t have the same drive that Mudiay has. The drive to be great, the drive to win championships, the drive that Chauncey Billups put on display for 17 seasons. The Nuggets need to keep Mudiay as far away from Lawson as they can.

Ty Lawson is an average point guard who couldn’t lead a starving lion to a plate full of raw meat, he doesn’t have the right to call out Chucky Atkins, let alone Chauncey Billups.

Know your role, Lawson, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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