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Colorado State Football jerseys have improved greatly lately, no need for graphics

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August 5, 2015


All over Fort Collins, people have asked about the Colorado State Football team’s jerseys. Fans seem to be happy with the current Under Armour design overall, yet, some are wanting more.

On on hand, you have the football purists who wish for plain colors and uniforms. On the other – mostly a younger group of fans – fans want CSU to have a vast number of jersey and helmet combinations, like the infamous Oregon Ducks and their former-runner-turned Nike founder Phil Knight.

Colorado State has elected to find a middle ground; utilizing their home and away jerseys as well as the popular, alternate “pumpkin and alfalfa” joints worn on Ag Day (Sept. 5 vs. Savannah State). They have a few options, but not every player needs a walk-in closet to decide which shoe/helmet/visor/glove combination he wants to wear that Saturday.

Do the Rams need more choices? Not if you’re talking all-black jerseys – which is trendy – or adding silly graphics like the diamond plating on some of the Ducks’ shoulder pads or the ever-popular “camouflage on everything” motif. There’s nothing about CSU or Colorado A&M which connects to the armed forces, in fact, Air Force is one of the Rams’ biggest rivals. So why include camo?

Colorado State can mix it up with what they have now: Why not go green tops and green pants with the alternate alfalfa and pumpkin “bone” helmet? Or, go white tops and the usual, home gold pants and orange socks?

Ram fans are in love with that pumpkin color – is it because it’s similar to the Denver Broncos’ color or that so many Colorado sunsets are stunningly orange – and CSU can capitalize on that fact by incorporating it into the scheme more than in the past.

How about all-orange jerseys with the green and gold helmet? That’d make a statement. Though, it might have some adjusting the color on their TV.

In all, fans have to be happy with what they’ve seen in recent years. The Rams’ jerseys have evolved through not only moving up from Russel Athletic to Under Armour, but UA has done well to tweak things. Could there be another small change this year? It’s possible.

Let’s look at the last few years:

In 2012, the last year with Russell, CSU’s jerseys were boring. Plain as can be green tops, plain gold pants with gold numbers.


2013 brought Under Armor and a new, updated look. They added a dash of color to the shoulders. And their rendition of the Ag Day orange are great. The green and orange stripes on the pants pop.


csu_unis.jpg Colorado State football players Austin Gray, left, Kivon Cartwright, middle, and Trent Matthews model the team's new uniforms Thursday. The Rams signed a new contract with Under Armour to make all jerseys and apparel.


The lack of changes from 2013-14, after multiple tweaks over the last five years, may have left Ram fans wishing for some variety.

Uniform design isn’t that difficult, but making something that appeals to a large number of people – even if they are in the same age group – is the hard part. This CSU student designed what he thought would be a cool jersey for the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl the team played in last year; what do you think, Ram fans?


Of course they ended up going with an alternate special for the bowl anyway, which was great. They were all white, with green numbers and the orange outline, including a big “Aggies” A on the shoulder pads, with the green and pumpkin bone helmet.

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