What goes up must come down.

Apparently the laws of gravity also are true of sports teams. On Sunday, the high-flying Colorado Rockies got punched in the gut by an old friend. Dexter Fowler hit a 2-out, 2-run homer off of Rockies closer LaTroy Hawkins. The blast gave the Cubs a 6-5 lead and a series victory.

The Rockies had a chance to put away the Cubs and head to San Francisco with a series victory under their belt and a 5-1 record. Instead, they have to pick themselves up off of the mat and hope to recapture any leftover momentum that left when Fowler laced the Hawkins hanging slider.

The loss is the first deflating loss of the season. The Rockies were within an out from victory and allowed the Cubs to score three runs to steal the win. It was the kind of loss that can make a team playing above it’s talent level come back to earth.

Just a week into the season, Hawkins blunder, the second of the young year, will certainly raise questions as to whether he belongs in the closer role. At 42-years-old, he is the oldest player in the game. There is no doubt that he isn’t the pitcher that he once was. In fact, his fastball speed is noticeably lower even from just a year ago. 

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David would leave Vanguard University in California with a journalism degree and go on to write for the Colorado Springs Gazette. He was the Rockies beat writer for The Rocky Mountain News spin off "In Denver Times" in 2009 and recently wrote and managed RockiesReview.com. David was able to crank out over 1000 columns on the Rockies in the last five years, including almost 400 in the last two years alone.