Sports are a wild ride, and if you have the bug, you know the ebbs and flows of the emotional rollercoaster associated with having a rooting interest in any team. Unlike the ebbs and flows of the earth’s tides, you can’t predict sports. That’s the beauty. Being cast into the ocean of hardcore fandom — subject to harsh currents…

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Austin became a life-long Avalanche fan at the ripe-old age of seven, and grew up idolizing Joe Sakic, Chris Drury, Peter Forsberg, and Patrick Roy. After residing in Colorado for 24 years, it’s safe to say, the Centennial State is in Austin’s blood. Now he begins the next chapter of his life in Arizona, while keeping ties to the Mile High City writing for BSN Denver. Previously, Austin served as editor of Mile High Sticking during the 2014-15 season.