Free Rockies


Vin Scully was the voice that originally inspired me to have anything to do with storytelling in sports. The guy that inspired people like Chris Berman and Joe Buck and a litany of others to let silence tell the story in its moment. I remember reading a Vin quote in the Los Angeles Times when I was a kid that the remarkable Rick Reilly also relayed in his moving tribute to Vin this week:

“I don’t really do play-by-play. I do conversation.”

When thinking about the all-time greatest Colorado Rockies players and managers in the club’s relatively brief history, a short list immediately comes to mind from the past 29 seasons. Larry Walker, Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos González, Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon comprise the player side with each man having spent at least eight years in Denver. Only seven managers…

Despite a cavalcade of incredibly entertaining postseason games, it has been a brutal and disastrous finish to the season for Major League Baseball in 2019. Scandals litter the headlines, calling into question some of the fundamental integrity of the game during a time when people across the globe are otherwise celebrating the World Series, the showcase of the very…

DENVER – The worst kept secret in Major League Baseball this season is that something is clearly, and significantly, different about the baseballs. The Wall Street Journal recently published an exposé in which they detail the discrepancies that have led to an all-time home run record for a single-season on pace to be absolutely shattered. Set to pass 6,800 dingers…