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Buffs reuniting for "The Basketball Tournament"

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April 24, 2015


The Basketball Tournament, a simple name, with a simple concept.

TBT is a open application, single elimination, 5-on-5, winner take all basketball tournament, with the champs taking home a cool One Million Dollars.

And this year, the Buffs are getting in on the fun.

“TBT is pleased to be expanding nationally, and to have a team of CU alums participating is particularly exciting for us,” said tournament organizer, Dan Friel. “We’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to build their team and their fan base. With the support of the great fans in Boulder and beyond, we’re hoping to see them in Los Angeles in July.”

We caught up with team “General Manager” and CU fan favorite, Beau Gamble, to talk about the upcoming journey.

“The guys at TBT actually reached out to me through [Colorado Basketball Sports Information Director] Andrew Green,” he said. “I honestly hadn’t given much thought into it until the Director of the tournament called me on the phone and it sounded really exciting.”

“It sounded like it could be positive exposure,” added Gamble. “Not only for the University of Colorado, but for guys who just finished their careers here and are playing overseas, or guys that just want to play in a competitive tournament and have a chance to win a million dollars.”

Thus far, Gamble has recruited former Buffs: Marcus Hall, Austin Dufault, Sabatino Chen, Jeremy Adams, Marcus King-Stockton and Marcus Relphorde, to play for the team but he is still working on it.

“I don’t quite feel like coach Boyle yet,” he said of recruiting players, with a laugh. “But it is a process and it’s something that we are still going through…Theres a lot of guys that are behind the scenes helping me in the recruiting process and reaching out to former players. Facebook has helped a ton, we did a huge Facebook group-message.”

While not divulging any names just yet, Gamble is hopeful to bring some star power to the Buff Alums roster.

“There’s definitely some former stars that played for the Buffs, that we’re working on,” he explained. “Hopefully once they really see this thing getting going, they see they could be a big impact, not only getting us more fans, because getting fan votes is really important to our seeding, but these couple guys that I’m talking about would definitely make us contenders to get to Chicago, get to New York, and hopefully play for that million dollars.”

If they did win, the team would not hesitate to give back to the program that brought them together.

“We’ve discussed a little bit what we’re going to do with the million dollars,” admitted Gamble. “Not only do you pay each player a cut, but we’ve said that if we win that we would give a heavy chunk back to the University of Colorado basketball program.”

In fact, Gamble wouldn’t be taking a cut at all.

“For me, this all about having fun, getting guys together, getting the brand out there, and reuniting former Colorado Basketball players,” he told. “So I’m just taking pride in that. If we win the million dollars maybe some guys will give me a piece of their cut, but at the same time that doesn’t matter to me, I’m here for the bigger picture.”

But for now, as all of their head coaches would have it, they are taking it one step at a time.

“Right now we are reaching out to donors to help us pay to get guys out to Boulder for a two or three day mini camp, and then help fly us out to LA and put us up for the weekend. Hopefully we can get out to LA, win some games, and make it to Chicago. The thing that’s really cool about that is, from there, the tournament pays for everything.”

Speaking of head coaches, the team is still in search of one.

“I’d like to think that I could coach, but I don’t think I’m qualified enough for it,” said Gamble. “I’d like someone who really is and who could get after it. These games when you get down to it are on ESPN and ESPNU, they are big time.”

Right now the leading candidate is another former Buff.

“Dwight Thorne wants to play, but also is open to coaching,” told Gamble. “He might be into coaching sometime down the line, I know he coaches AAU down in Dallas and has his own team, so he’s someone that’s definitely a candidate.”

While the coach he would want most, obviously wont be available this July, Gamble hopes he might make a cameo.

“Notre Dame’s alumni team won last year and Mike Brey made an appearance at the final,” he said. “So maybe if we make it that far, Roll Tad could come through.”

But before any of this matters they need your help, as of 7PM tonight, the team only had 37 of the 100 votes needed to become eligible for the tournament.

“I’m calling on all of Buffnation, let’s get as many fans as we can to vote for us, and tweet about us,” said Gamble.

You can vote for the Buffs to become eligible here, and while they only need 100 votes to be elgible, the more votes they get, they higher seed they will receive.

The tournament will take place over three weekends July 10th to August 2nd.

For more information such as schedule, rules, and potential Buffs opponents visit http://www.thetournament.com.


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