On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman continues to get the thoughts of Jake Story on the current course of the Colorado Rockies. Then, a few fans send in some questions including one about the challenges of covering a team limping to the finish.


Drew E. Creasman was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently resides in Boulder, CO. He is a full time Rockies beat writer managing editor of BSN Rockies and a member of the Baseball Writer's Association of America. Follow Drew on Twitter - @DrewCreasman 

  • Not sure if I got it in the Facebook live on time. But I’d like to hear your thoughts on the positive impact of the Rockies being a “family first” organization. If you compare them to Arizona, Tampa, and Miami all came in to the league around the same time the Rockies did. The Rockies have been hesitant to ship out popular productive players but have consistently grown their fan base. Those other teams make trades all the time especially the rays and each of those teams struggle to get 10,000 people at their games while the Rockies are still selling out and have consistently high attendance marks. Yeah it be nice to have 2 world series like the Marlins or 1 like the d-backs but all 3 of those cities are in serious jeopardy of loosing their teams. The Rockies have one of the best stadium experiences in all of baseball and are only getting more popular but most importantly there is no chance they’re leaving Denver anytime soon. I think now that they’ve built a fan base and there are serious smart baseball fans that will better understand shipping out popular players and making hard personal decisions the Rockies can be less “family friendly” going forward.

    • Eric, great contribution. The Rockies have definitely done their business a certain way, as you’ve pointed out. Even consider the fact that they’ve kept the same primary logo and uniforms for the 27th straight season. Marlins and DBacks have rebranded at least three times each with the Rays onto the second.
      As for their transactions, Drew and I discussed this recently on the podcast. When I was at the announcement of McGregor Square before the start of the season, Drew Goodman talked about the conversations he and Keli McGregor had about winning the right way, doing so without a band of “mercenaries” that may not have been good people or contributed to the culture of the club and the development of young players.
      Understandably, you and other fans would probably like to have a some more balance that would have brought an NL West pennant or at least another World Series appearance, but that first championship will be all the more sweeter when it comes. Because it will come… eventually.
      Keep the comments coming, Eric!

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