In Tuesday’s edition of the BSN Rams Podcast, Justin Michael previews the three biggest questions for the Colorado State Rams this season, goes over the greatest sports movies of all-time and more!

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Justin Michael

Justin has been covering Colorado State athletics since 2015 & has been featured in multiple national outlets. Along with keeping up with the Mountain West, Justin loves the local teams and has been going to Broncos games since he was six years old. Follow Justin on Twitter - @JustinTMichael

  • First time commenter, but been listening to BSN podcasts for months now! ALL OF THEM! l love BSN and love feeling like part of a family! I grew up in Fort Collins from the time I was 6 months old and left when I was 19. Now 6 years later FoCo is still home sweet home, but I’m living in Las Vegas for the moment. The homesickness is Terminal and your podcast helps tremendously. As a Rams fan who do you think is the best rivalry? I always love to hate Wyoming because being away from Colorado has made me find joy in supporting any representation of Colorado. So I actually like to see CU and AirForce do well AS LONG AS.. its not at the Rams expense, I’ll cheer for them any time. Question for you is… do you think the Rams can contend for a bowl game this season? If not how many years away are we from being a legitimate contender again and a feared team in the MW? Do you think were heading in the right direction? or do things have to get worse to get Better??? Thanks for the coverage and I’m stoked to be a loyal follower and commenter! GO RAMS.

  • While not really relevant to the last podcast I’m curious as to your thoughts on what it would take to get CSU into a power 5 conference. If they could get into one the extra money would be huge for all their sports programs.

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