Wind and Clark wrap up Summer League and discuss what signing Isaiah Thomas means for Denver and the trade that sent Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur to Brooklyn.


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Harrison Wind is the Denver Nuggets beat reporter for DNVR Nuggets. The University of Colorado alum grew up in Boulder and has covered the Nuggets for the last three seasons. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Nuggets podcast. Follow Harrison on Twitter - @HarrisonWind

  • Guys, with the IT signing, doesn’t that make 16 players who are with the Nuggets at this time??? Dempsey indicates that Welsh is on a two-way contract already. Therefore, 1. Murray 2. I.Thomas 3. Harris 4. Beasley 5. Barton 6. Porter 7. Juancho 8. Craig 9. Millsap 10. Lyles 11. Vanderbilt 12. Lydon 13. Jokic 14. Plumlee –Two Way 15. Morris and 16. Welsh…doesn’t one of these players have to be traded or cut before the final opening roster is set for this year???

  • You can have 15 players and two two-way contracts. Morris and Welsh are on two-way’s. That’s 16 total. So they actually have 1 open roster spot.

  • Thank-you Harrison and Christian. You’ve been doing a great job. I certainly enjoy the subscription. An interesting side note to the signing of Isaiah Thomas is that the league has an arrangement with its teams that affects the salary cap in this instance. The Nuggets will actually pay him at the scale for a second year minimum salary ($1,512,601) and the league will pay the difference to bring him up to the minimum for a seven year player ($2,029,43). The lower figure is what affects their cap. Last year I was discouraged by Tim Connelly’s performance (the draft night mess and not drafting OG, and the signing to Plumlee to an outsized contract that is for an established quality starter), but he has done a great job this year and I commend him for it. On a separate note, with one roster spot open I don’t think he is done. Perhaps a trade for SF, using either Hermangomez or Lydon. If it came to those two, who would each of you trade?

    • Glad you’re enjoying our content! If you’re looking to get more in return, Hernangomez definitely has more value than Lydon on the open market right now. I agree too that the heavy lifting this offseason is over.

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