In a very special edition of the BSN Avalanche Podcast, Adrian Dater is joined by NHL great Theoren Fleury in an inspiring interview.


  • Anyone who knows my story probably can guess how much of a hero Theoren is to me. It was a real treat to hear him on my favorite podcast. Hope you have him back on. Great work AD, keep ’em coming.

  • I am effing floored. This spoke to me personally. Count me as one of the “5 out of 5”. Those who haven’t committed to the small cost of BSN are really missing out. Thank you AD for sharing your experience and insight into the rich history of the Colorado Avalanche. What you bring to the table is immense. There just isn’t anywhere else to get this stuff.

  • Question for your next pod — If Ottawa had given the Avs their 4th overall pick in the draft, would the Avs had taken Tkachuk? If they had that pick would they have taken someone else at 16? or would it still have been Kaut?

    Just purely hypothetical, I really like Kaut. Is just fun to play the “what if game”

  • Big Avs fan from the Ottawa area. Thank you for the great interview AD and thank you for sharing your story. I, for one, am happy you are in a better place now and here at BSN delivering us this awesome content. Keep up the amazing work!
    Also a question for the next pod; where should Compher play when he returns to the lineup?

  • Wow by far my favorite episode got home with a lot of my inner demons. I don’t know if my story is as much of impact but I’m living each day as it comes. I had soooooo many medical things wrong with me top of ice burg vsd/asd heart surgery did kill me for about a minute had club foot, doctors said I couldn’t run or would be hard to at age 35 but I completed a half marathon and currently working on a full. Married to a wonderful woman and have a 2 year old kid. All that said I was teased and made fun of my whole life now I’m happy and really don’t care what others expect 2 in my life think about me! But you 3 make my days easier when I have a episode up!

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