The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops with Nathan Rudolph and Luke Marshall ranking their top ten Avalanche of all time. Comment with your own rankings below!

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Nathan, also known as Rudo, hosts the DNVR Avalanche Podcast and the Avalanche Review on YouTube. From Rockies and baseball beginnings, he has followed the Avs since they moved to Colorado in 1995. He started independently covering hockey on sites like Reddit and Youtube in 2015 then joined the DNVR Avalanche Podcast in 2019 and hasn't looked back. Follow Rudo on Twitter - @Nathan__Rudolph

  • Roy was most important winning the two cups, Sakic was the face and character of one of the best teams ever, and Forsberg was possibly the best player I’ve ever seen when he was healthy. Can truly go any order for the top three, but I’d go Sakic, Forsberg and then Roy.

  • When I was in high school (2001-2005), we had to write a term paper about someone who invented something or revolutionized something that had a lasting impact into the future. I made this an excuse to write a term paper on Patrick Roy because of how he revolutionized the goaltender position. It was so much fun to write and ended up being twice as long as it needed to be! I called it “The Butterfly King.” Maybe I’m biased because I played goalie, and I think that that position is most vital in winning championships. Honestly though, I’d probably answer my top three differently depending on my mood. They’re all up there! Truly splitting hairs.

  • Thanks for this interesting and fun exercise. Leaving Foote off the top ten list is weak. He was so key to the team’s success, which is not always reflected in goals and points, and not just as a hitter, clutcher, or grabber. He was a crucial leader on an amazing team in his first run before he was captain and an incredibly skilled defensive defenseman, which is needed in any era, including this one. Tanguay was highly clutch in his first run with the Avs (as he was with Calgary) and even in his second stint was headed for a great first season back before he got injured after the first month or so, and then had a really good year (55 points) the next season in 2014-15. Of course Rantanen is awesome, but I wouldn’t have him close to the top ten because he’s played only three seasons and one of those three (his rookie year) was decent, but not that great. If his next few years are like the last two, then yeah let’s talk about top ten. Joe and Peter played together in seven playoff games in 2008, not three, including the six it took to defeat the dreaded Minnesota Mild.

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