Jesse Montano and Aj Haefele kick the week off by taking a look at what could be the biggest storylines to follow for the Avalanche this summer.


  • Hey guys I never comment but I finally had to drop my 2 cents after the last 10 minute rant about what people say on twitter. I may be in the minority here but I do not use twitter and really don’t care about the complaints you get on there and honestly you shouldn’t either. As you have both stated people on there are just trolls and I think it is good to remember that. It is starting to seem like this podcast is less concerned about your BSN subscribers and more about defending yourself from twitter arguments. Hopefully you don’t take this the wrong way I just think it would be more beneficial for the podcast and your blood pressures if you went back to a comment based podcast like the Broncos one and maybe try to stay away from twitter battles a bit. This would hopefully keep you talking to people who are a bit more educated about the sport and positive about the Avs (which is why we are here right?). Keep at it guys and I hope this doesn’t come off as too negative, I am generally a huge fan.

    P.S. Have you heard anything about why the Avs have not signed Brandon Saigeon yet?

    • I hear you. We absolutely want to get more to the level of what the Broncos guys are doing and responding to comments and building that interactive community. Its 100% my goal this summer to get us on that track and itll be something we push a lot more.

  • Please dont stoop to miralats level, he is just playing you guys now. Be the bigger person and dont comment on that joke of a person. Talking about him more is just feeding his cause. Lets stick to hockey!

  • – Landy didn’t go to Worlds last year, IIRC he told a Swedish magazine that he needed to get surgery on a stomach muscle tear.

    – The comments on the 104.3 tool were dead on. As long you understand what he’s doing (and by your comments you absolutely do) I don’t mind you guys talking about it a little. Today’s he’s giving Joe a hard time about his FA comments when in fact they’re consistent with what he said on signing day last year. Last year they were going to dabble around the edges and ‘see what they had’ this season. This year he’s saying he’s going for it but he’s not going to sign FA’s just for the sake of signing FA’s. It’s exactly what intelligent Avs fans want to hear. What’s interesting about that guy is he spent the last 3 years working for KSE. Was there a messy exit that’s adding to this or is it nothing more than trolling for listeners?

    – Your comments on FA (and Joe’s after you recorded this) are dead on. Go after Panarin,, Skinner, maybe Anders Lee if he makes it through but don’t spend money just to spend money.

    BTW, thanks for the additional talk about Panarin. I inferred most of that from the tweets and some of your earlier pod comments but it’s always nice when you guys get a little bit into why you report the things that you do (fully realizing that you can’t go too far into it). “We heard this from someone who’s close to him” and “we didn’t know a thing about it until we were pointed in that direction” actually tells us quite a bit and is much, much appreciated – by me at least.

    • I hope you were able to ask Sakic about Landy. He didn’t play his best hockey during the playoffs. I was shocked to hear that he was going to play for Sweden. Any additional information about Landy?

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