Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele take a look at how the Dallas Stars left the first mark on this summer’s free agent class.


  • Thx so much for your podcasts, i so enjoy listening to them on my early morning drive to work!!

  • Nice trIbute to AD.
    Keep up the good work, gents!
    I always enjoy the spirit of what you put out.

  • I can understand the reluctance with Kapanen but what’s the problem with RNH? 28-41-69 last year, 2 recent 56 point seasons without McDavid. 3 diff seasons scoring more goals than Nylander has ever scored. Yeah they’d have to resign him but they have to resign Barrie. I would prefer Nylander but if the Avs were able to replace Barrie’s scoring on the back end and whomever they get would be additive I don’t see how RNH doesn’t fill the bill. Plus he’s a center. Would be interested in an explanation.

    • Very injury prone. His most common linemate this season was also Connor McDavid, though there was a steeeeeep drop off in talent in his other common linemates. He’s a good player, I just don’t trust his production stays high away from McDavid and I don’t trust him to stay healthy. His talent would be the right fit, though.

  • Best to AD, always have enjoyed his Avs coverage and insights. Like AD said in an earlier article, he was worried about the sharks having pixie dust luck on them this year. Seems to be true. Unbelievable that the hand pass was missed. Hope SJ’s luck runs out and the Hated Blues go on to the cup finals. Great discussion on contracts for Z and Barrie and Barrie’s trade potential. It is crazy when teams over pay a player and how it affects the market for better or worse in the salary cap era.

  • Yeah, nice tribute to AD … he was a huge reason why i signed up for BSN. I liked his takes on the podcasts so will miss that dynamic between he and AJ. But it was cool having Nathan on the draft podcast; hopefully, you guys can keep having interesting guests on the pod (Luke from WIN, etc.) … keep it interesting. Anyway, appreciate your hard work and all the content that you create – it definitely makes the day go by faster

  • Thank goodness AD is gone. Y’all made the wrong choice when you brought him on and lost actual talent.

  • I don’t see how Z is worth any less than Cole, esp. considering he’s much younger. His penalty problems don’t seem that bad relative to the upside of his “dynamic physical presence”. I mean, most hits in the league and 2nd pairing D with 7 goals seems like it’s worth a lot more than 3mil to me. I don’t get it AJ. He’s 24 years old, huge and scary.

    I know everybody’s all about the smaller players in the NHL now. Esp. around the Avs, and esp. in relation to the D. But the three teams left standing in the playoffs right now all have quite a bit of size. Just FYI

    I now think Nylander would be a very bad idea straight up for Barrie. Maybe Nylander and Kapanen. 60 point forwards are a lot easier to come by than 60 point D. Also Nylander didn’t get 60 points this season by a long shot, and he didn’t look great in the playoffs. Barrie is top 10 in D points over the last several years. Shouldn’t that get us a top 10 offensive player?

    I’m so sorry to see AD go. Love those cranky old guy longtime covering the Avs perspectives. The AJ/AD pods were some of the best of all time. So many good laughs.

    • It’s pretty simple math. Zadorov didn’t outscore Cole during the regular season (15 to 14) or the playoffs (5 to 0) and he’s not a UFA so he doesn’t get paid that extra little bit because of the open market. Simply being an RFA keeps the salaries lower. Teams pay extra for UFA. That’s how it works. Zadorov has three RFA years remaining. By the time he reaches UFA status, he very likely will surpass Cole’s contract. If they do a two-year deal this summer, he very likely won’t.

      If your argument is Barrie has been a top-10 points producer since he became an NHL regular therefore he’s worth a top-10 forwards, he would fetch Jamie Benn straight up in a deal, who has nearly 200 more points than Barrie during that timeframe. You don’t honestly believe that’s remotely close to fair, do you?

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