The BSN Avalanche Podcast officially puts a lid on the 2018-2019 season as Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele tell you exactly why the future looks so good for the Avalanche.


  • Big, big thumbs up on the Duck Tales intro song…my favorite show growing up! Brought a smile to my face at the end of a truly horrendous week of sports, seeing the Avs bowing out the day after my other fav team, FC Barcelona got slaughtered in Liverpool.

  • Dudes, don’t be played by this assclown. He went from the what’s the upward trajectory tweet to the anything less than a championship is for orange slices and juice boxes snowflakes to we’ll discuss this more tomorrow on my show from 12-3. This crappy radio station is desperately looking to capture some microscopic segment of the hockey fans’ attention. It’s pathetic and funny at the same time. Don’t give these tools even a grain of exposure – I’d never heard of this guy until listening to this pod.

  • Rather than whining about the overturned goal I would like to suggest the NHL make a hard analysis of the efffect of allowing a coach’s challenge for offsde plays. The NHL has made extensive rule changes to increase scoring and this rule takes good goals away. They need do a study of the impact of these challenges concentrating on how many overturned goals were made as a result of a player being inches or less offside and/or with absolutely no impact on the resultant goal vs how many showed a player being many feet offside and having a great effect on the scoring of the goal. Of all the challenges I have seen since this rule was implemented none have have been the latter. What is the benefit to NHL hockey of this rule? Based on what I’ve seen I would be OK with allowing the linesmen making these calls without a coach’s challenge. If one of the other on-ice officials thinks he saw something then let them review it.

  • I read that article and kept going back to look at the date. The way it sounded, we had just gotten through the 48 point season, but no, it was written this week. Wow. I for one, am very excited about where this team will go and don’t need any football heads to tell me something about hockey. They’re just jealous that the Avs outlook is MUCH better than the Broncos outlook. That said, I’m very much looking forward to what the draft and free agency brings to this team.

  • Great job as always, boys. Tell Merilatt to listen to no less than Friedman and Marek this week who opened their show with some Avs love and backed up everything you said about the future of this club. It be bright!

    • I just came here to say the same thing! Serious discussion between 2 people that really know hockey about whether the blues or the Avs are the favorite in the central going into next year. Later on they talked about how much fun a revitalized Dallas/Colorado rivalry will be.

  • Being a little ways distant, I hadn’t heard of Merrilat before and now I have. I guess that’s his goal. I know that I would no more look to 104.3 the fan for sports information than I would look to the History Channel for information about history.

  • Your team has the cutting edge hockey analysis, and you are THE source for AVS news. Thanks for your expertise!

  • Game 7 and the call — I’m with you Jesse…I have no idea if it was the correct call or not. But I haven’t seen any that conclusively shows Landy being offsides. And I haven’t seen anyone else say that they’ve seen that proof either. But I sure as hell hope the boys in Toronto had that defining footage.
    I rarely get worked up about officiating. I think the officials get it right most of the time. And even when the botch a call that ends up looking to be a decisive moment in a game, I look at the game as a whole. And, in this case, I think MacK’s injury and the teams response to that as well as overall play had the biggest impact on the game. The bottom line for me is that the Avs were scored on three times. All of those goals were preventable. Yeah, it really sucks that the goal was disallowed. But the Avs could have put themselves in the position of not needing it.

    All props to the Sharks. They played very well and we’re really well coached too.

    Merilatt — I saw the tweet and read the article. And it took no time for me to see that his opinion was so uniformed that another thought on it wasn’t worth a single one of my brain cells.

    I would agree that the Avs have a promising future. You guys laid out all of the reasons. If everything goes as planned/hoped, this team is going to be a wrecking ball in pretty short order.

    Lastly, much thanks to you BSN boys for doing what you do and how you do it!
    Your knowledge and passion for both the game of hockey and your work is evident and makes a difference in the final product.
    And the way you interact with the fans is really special.
    I was pissed when BSN went to the subscription model…like, PISSED!
    But I think I signed up fairly quickly because I knew I’d be missing great Avs coverage.
    And I haven’t thought once about the money since.

  • AJ, Jesse, good PC. Never heard of this Merilatt dude before. Sounds like he needs glasses. I totally agree, the Avs are a really good team as they are and if Sakic plays the cards right, the Avs have the potential to be unreal. There is no reason they couldn’t compete for multiple Stanley Cups. As far as the overturned goal, it is still a bummer. It would be nice if the NHL would release their video that they used to overturn the call. If their video is the same as what was on sports Then they blew it. Way to inconclusive and blurry to say Landy’s skate wasn’t on the blue line. Ok I am over it. Hope the Blues slay the sharks.

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