The Colorado Avalanche season is over, but the BSN Avalanche Podcast doesn’t have an offseason. The boys are back to breakdown Joe Sakic’s end of the year press conference.


  • By far, by far, the most interesting podcast of the season. Some gossip, some speculation, some crowing (“we thought Joe would wait for a GM to become desperate – he found two”), AD throwing out player names for consideration. Skip the pop culture, I can get that a million other places, more of this please.

        • Yep, I understood that you meant a separate podcast for other stuff. I’d just rather you not waste your time with that because, a) I don’t give a crap about it and b) there are lots of alternatives for those who do but there aren’t for great Avs talk.

        • I gotta totally agree with NoMoreRats here. A little off topic stuff sprinkled in is awesome and hilarious, but your hockey opinions are too valuable. It’s like the worlds greatest chef wanting to flip burgers at McD’s for a day. Y?

  • Try this crazy idea out. Sakic, Bednar, Mack, Girard, Rants, Landy, Z, Timmons, Makar, Jost, EJ, Barrie, and a free agent to be named later are about to become a Dynasty. Could happen. I think the goalie would have to be a three headed injury prone monster known as VarlyBernieHamburgler.

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