AJ Haefele and Adrian Dater are back to bring you yet another episode of the BSN Avalanche Podcast. This time discussing the latest Avalanche acquisition.


  • AD was phenomenal as a revivalist preacher spreading the gospel of BSN. You guys do tremendous work, but I love that you don’t take yourselves too seriously. It’s almost like you understand that sports are entertainment – a rare enough quality in sports journalists (and fans).

  • Keep these coming all summer!! I’m into hockey 365 days a year!! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next week.
    I like the idea of the Hockey Highway. Maybe it can extend all the way down to Colorado Springs to include the DU vs CC or AF games as well. Let’s make hockey rock in Colorado!!!

  • Having my own group chat with some of my boys, and we have this argument/debate all the time – goaltending. In my opinion, if we want to win in our (predicted) window – it’s not going to be Semyon Varlamov. Between his streaky runs and inevitable injuries, i see no way he gets us to where we want to be. looking around the league and knowing the goaltending free agent market in thin this year and also goalie trades are very weird and no consistency, think we need to attack now-next year before we panic react and overpay when we’re in the middle of our window and NEED another goalie.

    Washington comes to mind. they signed Ilya Samsonov today, who should be an nhl back up. Already have Holtby and Grubauer, so three is too many. if they lose to Pittsburgh, they should have some changes being made and snagging Grubauer(i don’t see Holtby going now) for something decently cheap. I don’t see he’d cost too much, i don’t think they’d be adverse to moving him, and how i see it – Give Grubauer and Varly a 41/41 split, give or take by playing the hot hand. Give Grubauer that half season to prove himself if he can, and if he does and proves it – say bye to Varlamov when he’s a FA next offseason.

    Pittsburgh is another team that’s interesting. Matt Murray is their guy, they invested a lot in him and moved on from MA Fleury for him while still having a super young Tristian Jarry. Jarry has starter potential, imo, and Murray being young, one of theme going to want a starting job elsewhere. Could offer one of our abundant draft picks for him to give Pittsburgh some draft collateral back after they’ve moved so much.

    just some thoughts! Great pod guys, always love them.

  • Does anyone have any visual or numeric evidence gathered from watching/recording The Hamburgler in the NHL, not the AHL, that would suggest he isn’t a legitimate backup? Didn’t he win a playoff game on the road for us? Which is probably about half of the playoff games the Avs have won on the road in the last decade, or maybe all of them. I decry sirs, yes, decry, your flippant attitude towards the mighty Hamburgler. You’d really rather have someone come over from the other side of the world who’s NEVER played a SINGLE NHL game then Hamburgler?

    2018 Playoffs
    Andrew Hammond 2.68 GAA .933 SV% in 138 minutes
    Jonathan Bernier 3.87 GAA .883 SV% in 218 minutes

    Of course Hammond is small sample size. But isn’t this new Czech guy NO sample size??? We demand a public explanation Sirs.

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