The boys are back to answer your questions, telling their stories about how they got here and whether or not the Avs should bring back #26.


  • Thanks for answering my question! I completely agree that offer sheeting someone is a taboo action in the NHL GM circles but one thing i forgot to mention whether it matters or not, Sakic signed an offer sheet back in the 90’s and almost cost the Avs alot of history. not sure it that changes anything.

  • Redline offsides, drop the blue lines, kills neutral zone trap, and adds a ton of room for offense.

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  • Interested to know what was behind the reaction to Jeff Skinner. I would have thought him having played on the same line with Landy at Kitchener along with 31, 33, 28 and 37 goal seasons and being only 6 months older than Landeskog would have made him a pretty good candidate for acquisition.

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