The BSN Avalanche Podcast is back again as Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele answer some more questions from the listeners, talk Gabe Landeskog and give Alexander Kerfoot the apology he deserves.


  • Suggestions for pod cast names: 1) Dude, where’s Joe Colborne? 2) F*** the Wild! 3) What’s Mark Alt and where can i get one? – Sorry no avs game today so I’m bored drunk.

  • That Landeskog segment, beautiful work exactly what Ive been waiting for! You guys kill it every podcast, can’t get enough. Thanks for the dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm you guys put into everything.

  • Anyone who doesn’t understand that Landeskog is the glue that keeps this team together isn’t paying attention. Watch a couple of shifts worth of his work in the defensive end or what he does in front of the net in the other end. Go back and read AD’s 10 questions with EJ to see what he thinks of Landy. Then consider the periods of time when EJ, Mack, Barrie and Landy were out this season. The only one where they were under .500 was Landy’s 4 game suspension. They were 1-3 with a loss at home to Buffalo(!) and a 7-2 loss (the worst home loss of the season) to Dallas. Even think about the story AD relayed from that bad loss earlier in the year – I think it was either the first Calgary or AZ home game – when he went up to MacKinnon’s stall after the game and MacK simply pointed over to Landeskog as if to say “he’ll be talking for us.” I’m sure AJ is dead-on correct on this, it’s Landy’s team, he’s now one of the strongest captains in the league.

    As a side note, I think the closest I’ve come to seeing an Avs player take over a game in the fashion that Foppa used to was the way Landeskog played at the end of the second Tampa game (at home) and the first Vancouver game (at their place when MacK got injured). He looked like he was possessed in both cases. I wish he could find a way to do that more often. My memory of the season is how he acted after his second hat trick v. Tampa, the exact opposite of Duchene’s 30th goal celebration.

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