The BSN Avalanche Podcast travels up north to Bender’s Bar and Grill to give an update on the team, and talk about the possibility of another lockout coming in 2020.


  • 1 to 16 playoff format would be awesome! But then I would play each team equally through out the season. So for Colorado, one year they play the metropolitan/central divsion 3 times the others twice then vise versa the next year. Something to that effect. Getting to see McDavid or Crosby or matthews more times in the west or east would be a ticket seller. I personally dont like seeing the same team 5 times a year. Who on the wild is a ticket seller? 2 to 3 times a year is enough. But the 1 vs 16 is an awesome idea.

  • I agree with this concept. I’d prefer to eliminate the divisions and go with conferences, and then take the top 8 from each. MIN, DAL, STL games are just too boring to have to watch over and over, then drag through seven games in the playoffs. But I’d love to go against an eastern conference team and their stars when we rarely saw them during the season. And you’ve got to reward the president’s trophy team somehow. Look at the most successful sports league, the NFL. They battle for home field advantage and first round bye. Thats how they keep games interesting late in the regular season.

  • The stanley cup playoffs are awesome. That being said, the new format makes the matchups “boring” as a fan. It isnt creating rivalries, it is creating the same old matchups over and over AND OVER again. You see them so much in the regular season that the playoffs just makes it old.

    1-16 with re-seeding would be awesome. Makes the presidents trophy actually worth something.

  • Nice idea but would never get the green light due to time differences having too great an impact on TV viewing figures. NYR playing LAK seven times in ten days? Then playing another seven against SJ? LV going seven against Ottawa? What time do you play all those games? A significant portion of the potential viewership would be unable to watch as it would be too early/late. With the conference setup you only get that issue in the final itself.

  • Do you see this playoff format creating an avenue for the top teams to have their own version of “tabking”. Bottom teams tank for draft picks, but could you see a scenario where a team in the third division spot would try to “tank” their way down into the first wild card if they perceive the matchups to be easier? (I.E. the AVS facing the pacific out of the first wild card rather than Winnipeg and Nashville out of the division)
    Also give me ALL the 1-16… thanks guys!

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