Joe Sakic held his end-of-year press conference today, and Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele are here to break it down!


  • If the Avs were to go crazy/get lucky and sign Panarin and Skinner (not likely but since you brought it up) how many nanoseconds do you think it would take before some sage, either here or in the media at large would say, “yeah, I remember when they signed Kariya and Selanne, how’d that turn out?” Without sparing a single brain cell to consider where those two guys were in their careers, where the rest of the Avs where in their careers and David Aebischer in net. Pico-seconds maybe?

    • I know what you mean. Sports seems to be full of people who have the attitude that the past somehow predicts the future. It’s just like when the Avs played the Sharks and they would go on and on about how the Avs hadn’t won in San Jose in X number of games so that would effect how they play now. I am a believer in cause and effect. Give me a reason why the current team is bound by what happened in the past. The truth is that the season Kariya and Selanne were here they were just biding time until the rules would allow them to resign with the Ducks at a higher wage. Their hearts were never truly into playing for the Avs. If Skinner and Panarin signed with the Avs the result would depend on their attitude and dedication to playing for Colorado

      • Kariya and Selanne were not just ‘biding time’ here. They wanted to win a Cup. They just had too many already established leaders on the Avs, and both were relegated to uncomfortable position of not being top dog, when they were used to being the go to guys. A high scoring player will feel uncomfortable if he can’t get the PP minutes and top ice time, and believes he could get pulled, easily, which did happen. Any non result wore on them, and it was always Sakic and Forsberg’s team. It’s like if Tyson Barrie goes to the Sharks, he’d not score more than 25 points a season if he had Burnsie and EK in front of him playing PP and minutes with the top lines. As Scotty Bowman said at the time, the Avs have too many star players, they’re just gonna be bumpin’ butts.

        • They were just biding time. They signed for extremely low one year salaries. Before the first puck dropped that season there was already talk that they were headed back to the Ducks the following year.

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