The BSN Avalanche POdcast gets you over hump day with a look at what Colorado’s options are with their own upcoming free agents.


  • -I’m a no on Andrighetto
    Give opportunities to Kuat, Bowers, Meloche for less and use for NHL experience.
    -I would be happy with 2 really good 2nd or 3rd tier FA for same price as Breadman. I think he wants East Coast big city lights which I guess if that’s your hockey strategy…go for it. I would rather go to a young playoff team and win. Don’t get me wrong…Breadman would be awesome but…guess I’d like to hear about him wanting to win being the priority.
    -We are going to lose Z to $$ or to Seattle. We need to draft Byram at 4 if Chi passes as his higher quality replacement. He’d be cheaper, right timing in 2 years and leave D as a strength. Z has made it clear he wants $ and the Dallas $6m D (Lindel?) signing doesn’t help.
    -Yes we have cap but…has Kronke came out and said spend $83m? We’ll need $ for FA and our own RFA. Landy-Mack-Makar-Girard-Barrie-Rants (he wants a bridge) so he’ll be up in 3yrs.

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