The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns as AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano break down the Avs’ 2-1 shootout win over the Vegas Golden Knights live from Sports Column.


  • This Was the first podcast that I attempted to listen to but turned off. I know that the format is to go negative first and then bring up the things that you liked, but damn AJ you seemed like you weren’t there. That was the most exciting game of the season in front of the best crowd of the season. Because of that, I looked forward to tuning into this podcast but instead got Eeyore. Yes, Landy missed “two tap ins” (Landy’s quote), but it’s not a video game and they don’t always go in. With the first one, the pass was actually in his skates a bit and the second a great save. Blake Comeau did not “just fall down” but rather was jumping over Fleury’s stick and unable to hold 2 inches of inside edge as he attempted to toe pick turn. EJ did not go 5 hole but actually went blocker side with a very good shot. Fleury just saved it (with the upper portion of his blocker). At this point I’d had enough and turned you off. I actually really dig what you guy’s are doing and consume almost all of your content. But, maybe look at the big picture a bit more and don’t presume that we need you analyze every play.

    • It’s a bummer you turned it off because I’m pretty sure I said variations of “The team played a great game” and “It’s tough to complain about too much because it was such a great game” a whole host of times. Better luck next time, I guess.

      • Eeyore Haefele?! Too funny. Love your reporting and opinion, but saying “Its tough to complain” can sound like you really want to.

        • Not at all! It just means that some nights they make it easy to complain about bad hockey. Other nights, like against Vegas, they make it tough and it boils down to a few micro incidents, such as Comeau falling down.

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