The BSN Avalanche Podcast is back again as the gang gets together to discuss the scene in Nashville, the hit on Tyson Barrie that went unpunished, and why Denver is the best city in the country.


  • You guys are the best! I read every article and listen to every podcast. Thanks for all.ypur hard work.

  • McNichols was a loud bulding. I was a season ticket holder with the Colorado Rockies NHL team for all but their first season. Even though there were only 3,000 to 5,000 fans at most games many times opposing teams would comment on how loud it was. There were some really fun things that happened back then that you do not see with today’s crowds at Pepsi Center.

    It got so loud at McNichols at the ’96 Avs playoff games that I could actually feel the sound pressure on my eardrums in a nearly painful manner.

  • Much better control of the comparative volume levels during the podcast, guys.

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