The BSN Avalanche Podcast is back for one more postgame Playoff episode as the gang breaks down the Avs’ Game 6 loss that ended the season.


  • Bring Pickard back! If Bernie leaves Picks is exactly the goalie AJ described that we need. Even if Bernie doesn’t leave having Pickard would be better than Martin…

  • Also referees are human and Canadian generally, and many of them may have personal dislike for the Avs. As this game evidenced. Remember when we didn’t get a single power-play and Z was called for hitting a guy who had the puck on his stick? Why would we want Wes “I hate the Avs” McCaulley and that other Avalanche hating jackass calling an entire series against us?

    Why is signing/extending Bernie and the Hamburgler not a No-Brainer, obvious thing, that was taken care of months ago? Considering Varly’s injury issues and Spencer Martin being horribly bad? Someone please explain this to me.

    • Every team gets screwed by the refs and every team benefits from questionable calls. NHL officiating is suspect but does not discriminate in which teams it hurts. It hurts all of them.

      Just watch how Toronto was on the bad side of the officiating in game 6 for 58 minutes and then Toronto got a gift with the non-call that led directly to a ENG.

  • AD, I have to disagree with you on your comment that the GMs hate the current playoff format. First, if they did it would change in a heartbeat because the GMs run the league. Second, they run the league in a fashion that increases their job security. That’s why they love the stupid point system the NHL has and why they like the playoff format. Both things make it look as if their team is actually better than it really is.

    Sakic’s got his work cut out for him signing a back up to Varly. He pulled a rabbit out of his hat this year and I hope he can do it again. (Neither back up was great, but both seemed to have great games right when they Avs needed them to)

    • Do you think Kevin Cheveldayoff and David Poile love the format right now? I guarantee you they don’t.

      • Right this very moment? Of course, they hate it but they also know they have benefited from it in the past. Plus, these are two guys out of 31. The majority of them know that as long as they can hide how bad they are at their jobs and/or not be held accountable for their incompetence, the longer they get to keep their job. That’s what they care about. So when I hear, “The GMs hate it,” I have to disagree because if most of them did, it would change. It’s the inmates running the asylum at the executive levels of the NHL.

  • I’m glad you guys talked about the “grind” it is covering hockey. I believe it and while it would be fun to try for a while, being a beat writer is tough in the long haul, I’m sure. That being said, why do you guys go to the morning skate? Since nothing ever gets said by the coach or players of any interest, why go? Do you really need to know the lines/pairings from practice or need a quote about ‘getting pucks in deep’ or ‘staying out of the box?’

    Every once and a while there is an interesting quote from a hockey player post-game. Then everyone jumps all over him for showing the slightest bit of personality or honesty. Then there are a dozen think pieces split between “the guy’s a cancer” and “why don’t more hockey players show more personality?’

    • If every outlet skipped morning skate under the guise of “nothing gets said”, then fans would spend all day wondering what the lineups are going to be and we’ve failed them. As an outlet responsible for giving interested consumers information, every media availability is an opportunity. Some of our most-read stories this year came from morning skate pieces, which was certainly a surprise to us but positive reinforcement that we’re doing things the right way.

      We’re about to head into a summer where if Evander Kane hits the free agent market, you’ll see a huge number of those “locker room cancer” versus “big personality” pieces.

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