The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns as AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano breakdown one of the most exciting Avalanche playoff games you’re going to see.


  • Nashville now knows how the Washington Caps feel every postseason. Not as much fun when you can’t sweep the first two rounds and everyone expects you to win.

  • Next up: Rants, Jost, Sodo and JT put some actual goals in the net. Plus EJ makes a surprise return! Come on hockey gods, you owe us…

    • Also a Wilson goal or three. He so deserves it. Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking right now? – We got a lot out of that Duchene trade! Bite it chumpville.

  • We Avalanche fans were excited when this team made the post-season because it meant these young players would find out about NHL playoffs getting essential experience. They have accomplished that but they have also found something else, something that perhaps did not surprise themselves but did announce to the hockey world that this team has a huge heart. Regardless of what happens for them in these playoffs this knowledge will pay huge dividends next eason and in future seasons.

    Hopefully a large number of fans will smuggle hamburgers into Pepsi Center Sunday and a large number will rain on Nashville’s end near Rinne.

    • Please tell me you all heard Moser’s radio announcement on the Ghetto goal…. if not, look it up… it is AWESOME.. the best goal call in the history of the NHL. even wrote an article on it with the audio clip.

      Game 6 today, HELL YAH.

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