AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano are back with another episode of the BSN Avalanche Podcast! This one comes to you after Game 1 of the Western Conference quarter finals, in which the Avalanche fell to the Predators 5-2 in Nashville.


  • I often think rantanen looks like he has stone hands. He’s got a hell of a shot, but I’m not sold 100% even after this great season he had.

    • To me it appears that his problem is above his shoulders not below. He needs for his puck handling mechanics to be auomatic while he is reacting and/or initiating his attack. He fumbles the puck too often lately like he was doing at he begnning of the season.

  • AJ, Jesse, I listen to your podcasts all the time.
    The volume is nearly always very uneven – I can’t quite hear you guys, the volume seems to drop as if either your microphones get misplaced or you feel low key or something, so I have to turn the volume up… then when the commercials come on and they are loud and I have to turn the volume back down, not to shut them out but just to even out the volume.

    Seems to me you need to do two things: 1) get an audio compressor to smoothe out the audio peaks a troughs, and 2) learn to keep your mics in the same position and speak at reasonably similar volumes.

    Aside from that annoyance, which makes it seem like you guys are pretty new at this, I nevertheless really enjoy your content.

    AND… that blurb you did at the end today about how inspiring it is to travel across the country and check out all the unique human interest landmarks that show how great America is… I thought that was totally wonderful!
    When you guys show that different side of you – the human interest side beyond or behind the hockey… it really elevates the “relationship” we have with you guys to a whole new level.

    I also remember one time when a caller left a message starting a debate between the values of waffles vs pancakes, and you guys just ran with it and and turned it into a hilariously long dissertation on the pros and cons between waffles and pancakes as if you were discussing the stats of the preds vs the lightning… had me laughing all day…

    Keep up the good work, but please, make it so we can easily hear you.

    • We’re always working to make our product better! Please keep the feedback coming. Thank you so much for listening, I promise we’ll get the audio quality down!

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