The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops as the boys recap the Avs winner take all final game of the season.


Spoiler Alert: the Avs took all.


  • Thanks Guys! Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the win. The BSN crew is the best.

  • I agree with Dater on a couple of things:
    Landy was my first star of the game. There’s no doubt Girard had a great game. I think him getting the first goal was huge in bolstering the Avs’ confidence and calming any jitters. But #92 set the tone and was a dominant force all over the ice.

    And on the Barrie goal, I was stunned the play wasn’t blown for offsides because I was positive I saw white between the puck and blue line. Yep, I’ve seen the replays and still shots. And I can see a bit of an argument for the replay being inconclusive. But I’m still convinced the goal shouldn’t have counted.

    Good mention on Bernier too AJ. His play was calm/quiet/controlled…in the zone.

    Nice pod boys.

    • Just a thought on the offsides. The angle where people think they can see some white for a split second is the on ice angle but the overheads don’t seem to show the same sliver of white, correct? The logic I got from a friend who saw it this way was that the overheads were farther away and thus the white didn’t show in those. I will add a thought here. First, offsides is called from a standing linesman an thus the overhead needs to be conclusive. Otherwise we’ll just need to go to some sort of mechanical system. Second, the paint is 3/4″ under the ice and with a flat angle you should get a lens effect (simple diffraction, like looking at a straw through the side of a glass of water). Thus the overhead being a perpendicular angle is likely to be the most accurate and from that angle, I didn’t see any white.

      • What I saw live was the TV feed. The camera was elevated and slightly behind off Barrie’s right shoulder.
        I saw lighter colored ice between the puck and the blue line.
        Maybe I’ve missed some replays or screen caps. But the only thing I saw that made it look even close to onside was a zoomed screen cap of the blue line cam that showed the puck to be barely touching a lighter shade of blue behind the blue line. Maybe that’s the diffraction you’re speaking of.

        • The diffraction (glass of water effect) happens at a flat angle which could be the zoomed angle over Barrie’s shoulder. It would not happen at a direct overhead angle. IMO the overhead showed the puck in contact with the line which as long as the puck is touching, the play is good.

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