AJ Haefele returns to the BSN Avalanche Podcast alongside Nathan Rudolph and looks at what we got wrong on the Avs all-time top 10 as well as Valeri Nichushkin and the organizational pipeline.

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Nathan, also known as Rudo, hosts the DNVR Avalanche Podcast and the Avalanche Review on YouTube. From Rockies and baseball beginnings, he has followed the Avs since they moved to Colorado in 1995. He started independently covering hockey on sites like Reddit and Youtube in 2015 then joined the DNVR Avalanche Podcast in 2019 and hasn't looked back. Follow Rudo on Twitter - @Nathan__Rudolph

  • AJ and Rudo, good rant on the VN signing. I was scratching my head after reading rudo’s article yesterday and after listening to the PC, I totally agree with you that it is a bad signing and Sakic lost his mind on this one. Sakic is giving AB, JD, JTC and TJ the benefit of doubt that there is more upside. He needs to give it to the younger prospects too, VK, SB, AJG and Kaut. I agree with you that VN Just blocks opportunity and development for our young prospects throughout the organization. This opportunity was already some what blocked by signing Wilson and Bellamare. You are so right on that we need to develop our young guys to take advantage of their ELC years as our core players start getting big contracts as we go into this 3-5 year window for winning a cup. (Before Mack’s next contract). Salary cap hell will come again if Sakic is not careful. Sakic is going to need to say goodbye to older and relatively expensive bottom six players like Nieto, Wilson, Bellamare and Calvert or just plain bad players like VN in the near future to get our good prospects on ELC’s playing. We don’t want future draft picks not wanting to come to the Avs if they know they won’t be giving an opportunity to make the NHL because an older NHL nobody suddenly appears in front of them. It would be crazy to lose VK and AJG on waivers because we have to make room for VN. Buying him out is maybe not such a bad idea after all… Maybe your negativity on this signing was contagious. I think it is certainly appropriate regarding VN’s signing.

  • Rudo!!! came off the top rope with the Ray Bourque shots vs. beer. Best transition yet. Nailed it.

  • Im with AJ on Footer in the top ten, i was blown away that he never made the list…. He meant a lot to this team and its fans when he played. He is an ancestor of the glory years and deserves that credit, someone not being old enough to remember it doesn’t change that.

  • At this point I’m embarrassed Colorado thinks we need VN.
    After all the bottom players we got we’re still focusing on crap.
    It’s like our priority is getting bottom 7 D and Bottom 13 14 F
    Yes layers like Graves comes up does well and is rewarded with…not playing
    VN doesn’t score a freakin goal and that’s what we go after. That’s what’s going to push us over the top. wtf

  • Foote top 5 all time. Val N. terrible, horrible signing. It could make a little bit of sense if Sakic is planning a trade or something. Just brainstorming because it seems really stupid right now.

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