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Broncos Pick ‘Em: What would you give up to acquire Aaron Rodgers?

Zac Stevens Avatar
January 30, 2022

If any NFL team knows how to successfully acquire a Hall-of-Fame quarterback late in their career, it’s the Denver Broncos.

But, of course, for this to happen Aaron Rodgers has to decide to not only keep playing, but he’ll need to demand a trade from Green Bay. The 38-year-old gunslinger has said he will decide his future before free agency, which starts in less than two months.

George Paton, however, should already be putting his trade package together for No. 12 if Rodgers decides he wants to play for another team.

The Broncos already have a major selling point to Rodgers after hiring his former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to be the head coach.

How much should Paton, Hackett and the Broncos be willing to trade to have Rodgers end his career in Denver?

The DNVR Crew breaks it down in the 21st edition of Broncos Pick ‘Em.

All odds below are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

What would you trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Zac: As many first-round picks as guaranteed years he’ll have on a new contract — If the Broncos pull off the massive deal for Rodgers, it’s very likely that Aaron will land a new massive deal from Denver either right when the trade is finalized or shortly after.

However many guaranteed years the Broncos are willing to put on Rodgers’ new contract is the number of first-round picks—or the equivalent to first-round picks—Paton should be willing to give up to acquire him.

If the Broncos only give Rodgers a deal with essentially two years guaranteed, then Denver should only give up two-first round picks.

However, if they are open to giving the 38-year-old quarterback four guaranteed years, then they should be willing to give up four first-round picks.

A Hall-of-Fame quarterback that’s in his prime is worth one first-round pick for every year he plays, especially since future first-round picks will very likely be near the end of round one.

Mase: A combination equal to four first-round picks and two second-round choices – Then, it’s a matter of discerning how to define this combination. The Broncos do not have the capital to trade four first-round picks, as teams can only trade picks from their next three drafts.

Thus, one would expect at least one young starter to be involved in the swap. There should not be any players off the table in this instance, given the value of quarterback and the necessity of improving it to change the Broncos’ fortunes.

George Paton might not have to give up this much if Rodgers dictates that only one destination will suffice: Denver. At that point, the Packers will simply have to recover whatever value they can, because something will be better than the noting Green Bay would receive if Rodgers walks into retirement.

RK: Whatever they want — Obviously there is a line that you’d have to draw somewhere, but in my opinion, you can’t put a price on being in a Super Bowl window.

If the Denver Broncos have Aaron Rodgers, they are instantly going to be one of the top five team’s in the NFL in terms of their Super Bowl chances, even if they have to give up three first round picks and players such as Jerry Jeudy, Bradley Chubb or, gasp, Pat Surtain.

To be clear, you don’t need first round picks nearly as much if you have your quarterback, and great players are other positions are far less valuable when you don’t have one.

Picks Picks Picks

Bengals @ Chiefs (-7)

Zac: Bengals cover, Chiefs win.

Mase: Chiefs by a field goal.

RK: Chiefs.

49ers @ Rams (-3.5)

Zac: Rams.

Mase: 49ers.

RK: Niners.


Last week

Zac: 3-1

RK: 3-1

Mase: 2-2


Zac: 125-141

RK: 124-142

Mase: 122-144


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