If you can keep a game tied late you always have a chance to win, this time the Avs got the bounce. Plus, having Nathan MacKinnon doesn’t hurt.

  • I love watching these. I enjoy the detailed breakdowns of little nuances I would otherwise miss. especially w the angle adjustments to gain a different perspective on plays. on the second viewing, I really think that Landeskog tap to MacKinnon was intentional and not just a chip in. He’s played w Nate way too long not to know where he likes the puck given to him. but my gosh the demon speed that man has…..I just really wish he would have completed that charge into the zone in the middle of the third period where he beat 3 Yotes to almost get a goal. it seems playoff goals standout and help cement legacys and thats what MacKinnon is driven by right now and some real highlight goals would go along way in that.

    • For sure it was probably semi intentional at least. Plenty of time left for MacK to get more pretty ones.

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