If that’s the game the season has to end on, I’m ok with it.


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  • Wonderful, as always, Rudo!
    It would have been nice to see a few of Francous’s spectacular saves… 🙂
    Keep well!

  • Nathan off the subject. Any thoughts on who or when the Avs will reach out and sign any of their college prospects ie., Morrison? Or UFA college prospects?

  • Great video…always enjoy your stuff. Off topic though, I’ve seen all kinds of stuff to complain to Comcast about not carrying Altitude. How do we complain to KSE? They’re the ones being overly greedy here. They didn’t let Center Ice carry their games even when Center Ice had the first two weeks free. They don’t let NHL network carry their games even during the Overtime show they have. Now, they’re pulling this shit about not paying their employees when the games are postponed/cancelled during the virus outbreak. Kroenke is a selfish prick (both of them). They’re worth billions but won’t pay the employees that make the Pepsi Center run. Many, I’m sure, are in dire straits. These people have rent and families to feed. Their pay is a drop in the bucket to the Kroenke’s but they don’t care.

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