On a night that saw the return of Cale Makar and Bowen Byram it was Mikko Rantanen once again proving he has earned a seat at the table of the elite.


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  • Shot dominance is all well and good when our score is higher.
    But ever since Arizona proved to us that a lesser team, with less shots, and behind on goals, could still come back and win… I tend to tune out all the shot dominance talk.
    That said… I totally love and look forward to your reports, Rudo!

    • If you’re ignoring hard data because an unlikely thing happened one time, that’s an extremely foolish approach to data. Dominating in shots doesn’t guarantee wins but teams that outshoot other teams regularly win more games. Arizona is even the perfect example to use because the Avs have completely annihilated them in shots since the start of their playoff series last year and the Avs are 7-2 against the Coyotes in that span.

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