Avs nation caught a glimpse of the NHL version or Martin Kaut last season and you can expect a lot more of it in the coming one. Just, maybe not right away.


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  • I’m just wondering if your dog recognized you after you cut off your hair 🙂 As for Kaut, yeah, he belongs in the NHL, but I agree; I just don’t see him beating out any of the starting 12 unless there’s an injury. I wouldn’t mind trading Donskoi out and giving Kaut his 3rd line spot, though. With recent signings and trades, that Donskoi contract is looking a bit too high and way too long.

    • Yep he did, hair or not I smell the same I guess lol.

      We’ll see how it all shakes out, the Avs can’t keep him out of the lineup forever.

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