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Around the Herd 8/3/2015: Hot seat?

Ryan Koenigsberg Avatar
August 3, 2015


Hot seat watch?

This morning I came across an article on Grantland titled “Hot seat watch”, I gave it a click because Grantland usually does really good stuff and Mike MacIntyre’s name has come up on these things before.

After scrolling through the early names on the list, which was organized on a scale of 1-10, and not seeing Mac in the lower numbers, I figured he wasn’t going to show up at all. But, to my surprise, there he was, ranked with the third highest number of any coach, a nine out of 10.


I feel like I’ve written and talked about this at length already so I won’t go too far into my thoughts on whether or not he is on the hot seat, but I will say this, his seat is absolutely, positively, not at a nine out of 10 right now, maybe a one or a two. From my perspective, things would have to go terribly wrong for us to even begin having that conversation, and Rick George would have to be very confident that he had a home-run-hire knocking on the door for him to pull that trigger.

What’s more important, is that this type of publicity can be very harmful to recruiting. Coaches that are truly on the hot seat, almost never bring in good recruiting classes. Now  I’m not going to slam the writer because I don’t know how they came to their conclusion, or how much research they did, and he’s not the only one who feels this way, CoachesHotSeat.com  ranks Mac’s seat as the sixth hottest in the country. But whether it’s true or not, CU really needs to get to a place where this type of stuff isn’t coming up about them, and they need to get there fast.

“Derek McCartney balances grief with growth”

On the good publicity side of things, USA Today writer Nicole Auerbach, published a very nice piece today talking about Derek McCartney and the struggles he has endured since becoming a Buff.

Read the article here.

McCartney is one of the nicest dude’s you’ll meet and an extremely easy player to root for. Would not be surprised to see him become the face of the program in the next few years.

Nembot the media day darling

Speaking of faces of the program, the Buffs may have a new one this year after Stephane Nembot stole the show at Pac-12 Media Day in Los Angeles. His charming accent along with his ability to give a good quote had writers across the conference falling in love with the Buffs right tackle.

The conference published this article this morning to better outline Nembot’s journey.

You can be sure his story will be told on just about every Buffs telecast this season.

The All-Centennial state college football team

The folks over at Mile High Sports are running a poll determining the All-Colorado team of College footballers to play in the state for CU, CSU, Air Force, or any of the other colleges.

Check it out and cast your votes.

Tweet of the Day

Everybody is all about Jim Leavitt as the best Buffs coach on twitter, but Klayton Adams is my pick. Any of his tweets from yesterday could have been on here.

In fact, have a few more:



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