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Altitude Sports should hammer Broncos post-game with Vic Lombardi

Colin Daniels Avatar
December 12, 2015


Denver’s favorite TV sports anchor will soon be a TV sports anchor no more – at least not in the traditional sense. As previously reported right here at South Stands Denver, CBS4’s Vic Lombardi is moving on to Altitude Sports and entertainment where he will participate in an overhaul of the regional sports network’s broadcast presentations.

For Channel 4 viewers it’s a real bummer that Lombardi is bolting; but for Nuggets and Avalanche fans his addition will undoubtedly lead to a snappier, more professional Altitude. But Altitude didn’t recruit Lombardi only to have him cover the Kroenke teams. The hiring of Vic Lombardi signals a clear desire on the part of Altitude Sports and Entertainment to establish stronger coverage of your Denver Broncos. This is a football town after all. Any sports network would be crazy not to compete for a slice of Orange and Blue pie.

The Broncos are already discussed on Altitude.  Some programs such as the “Summit”, a round-table discussion show featuring a rotating selection of local sports personalities including Dave Logan, Scott Hastings, Darren McKee, Reggie Rivers and Ed McCaffrey along with various Altitude staffers. There’s even an exclusive pro football version of the Summit that airs weekly. But Altitude obviously wants to incorporate Broncos coverage on a larger scale. There’s simply no other reason to offer Vic Lombardi a contract.

The best thing the network could possibly do if it wants to attract Broncos fans is to develop a comprehensive Broncos post-game show.

Post-game shoes on the network affiliates are pretty bad. It’s not that the affiliates don’t do their best to analyze the games and get reactions from players in the locker room. They do the best they can with what they have to work with – unfortunately what they have to work with is extremely limiting.

Since most Broncos games begin at 2pm MST and wrap up around 5:30pm affiliates are smack dab in the middle of their evening news programming. Their post-game presentations are hamstrung by their need to cover news and weather and weather and weather and more weather. The sports folks are afforded quickie three and four minute hits. They then stand there twiddling their thumbs while they wait for their next “call back”. The network stations do have decent post-post game shows but those typically don’t come on until 9pm, long after fans have already digested the day’s game and moved on.

Altitude can do what the affiliate channels can’t. It can hammer Broncos post-game for a full uninterrupted hour – maybe even more – assuming a Nuggets or Avalanche game isn’t on and if there is a conflict they can move Broncos coverage to Altitude II. If the powers that be at the network want to get the most bang for the buck with Vic Lombardi they will allow him to do what he’s best at – interviewing players and coaches – and give fans what they have come to expect from Vic.

Not only are television viewers accustomed to seeing Vic Lombardi do post-game coverage, so are the Broncos. There’s a warm and familiar feeling to Lombardi. One would be hard pressed to find an athlete who isn’t comfortable speaking to him. He’s unassuming and good natured and funny and folks generally tend to respond well to him. So why not capitalize on that and stick a mic in his hand as the Broncos dress after the games?

I, for one, would absolutely tune in to an Altitude Sports and Entertainment Denver Broncos post-game show. I would watch it religiously, in fact. As it stands now I am more inclined to turn on my radio for after-game entertainment because the affiliate shows are just too scattered. This is a no-brainer, folks. Please, Altitude, give the fans of Denver what they really want this Christmas – and hour or more of non-stop Broncos post-game analysis and interviews spearheaded by your shiny new toy, the one and only Vic Lombardi.

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